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Guide to Healdsburg, CA

One of the best parts about living in the Bay Area is that friends and family come visit you because you live so close to amazing spots - especially wine country. Luke used to email me every time someone was in town asking me for recommendations in wine country. Finally I put together a guide that he could keep and then forward on as people asked him. It was nothing fancy just a pdf of a Word document. (I know I am a dork but it was pretty handy especially when those emails would come in) Late last year he forwarded the guide to one of his friends who then forwarded it on and so on and it actually was forwarded back to Luke's co-worker who was planning a wine country trip from it. Maybe I should have charged for that guide! Since it seems like a guide to wine country is needed on the world-wide web, I thought I would start to document my favorite places around the Bay Area so you can use it as a resource if you need it. First up, my unofficial guide to Healdsburg, CA.

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