Three Ways: Summertime Galettes

I wanted to start a new recipe videos series where I take 1 basic recipe then show you how to create three different recipes with it. Sound good? Today we are talking about galettes. Galettes are basically pie dough that wrapped around fresh fruit or veggies. Since we are in the thick of glorious summer I wanted to show three of my favorite summertime galettes:  stone fruit, berry and tomato.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

We don't have a lot of food traditions in my family, but fried chicken on the 4th of July is most definitely one of them. Growing up we had store bought (from Publix! and you all know my love of all of publix's prepared food!) then head down to watch the fireworks. Here is my version of that fried chicken so there is no excuse to have fried chicken (don't worry I think this year I am going to be close enough to a Publix to grab some before the fireworks begin)

Strawberry Shortcake

To me, strawberry shortcake screams summertime. Like so many people I grew up eating strawberry shortcake - we even used to pick our own strawberries way back when.

We never made it by scratch but would instead buy shortcake cups from the grocery store (anyone remember those? They tasted like cardboard but we still ate them) then topped them with fresh strawberries and some Reddi whip. This recipe takes that version of strawberry shortcake up a notch but it is still super tasty and nostalgic. 

Cherry Almond Galette

Cherry season is one of the seasonal fruits that I wait for all year. Cherry season signals the start of warm weather and all that gorgeous sunshine that summer has to offer. It also signals BBQs, outside dinners and picnics - the reason I love summer so much. 

I love the combination of cherries and almonds because they have a natural affinity for each other. Cherries and almonds are actually related to each other - they are in the same family as peaches, apricots and a lot of other types of stone fruit. You know that saying what what grows together goes well together, well in this instance it is totally true, almonds and cherries are a perfect pair. 

One-Pan Chicken and Artichokes

I get asked a lot what my are my favorite types of recipes. Do I love to bake, do I love to cook? Well here is the answer I love to bake, that was my first love as a kid, but creating recipes like this is what makes me truly excited. Recipes that are healthy, involve minimal clean up and come together in 30 minutes. I have mentioned this before but I think about my sister a lot when I am developeing these kinds of recipes. Will a mother of 2 be able to do this while wrangling those kiddos and managing a hangry husband? Yes, then it will pass the test! 

Oven-Baked Paella

When I was first learning to cook, this was my go-to dish to make when we would have people over for dinner. It is an iteration of an Ina Garten dish who uses lobster and anise liquor in fancy!. I have since expanded my menu slightly for when we have people over for dinner dishes but I still love this recipes. Plus it makes the perfect one pot weeknight super.