Blood Orange Margaritas

We are en route to Mexico for a long weekend and I cannot wait. Since we will be in Mexico and on the beach in swimsuits and all that,  I have decided I need to do a cleanse while I am there. One that involved lots and lots of margaritas, preferably with a large bowl of guacamole and chips. Since I have been dreaming about this little getaways for months now, I have decided I should probably get ready for this cleanse by practicing. Practice makes perfect, right? My blood orange margaritas were the perfect way to get me ready. It is all for the sake of cleansing.

These blood orange margaritas are amazing and delicious. The fresh blood orange juice is bright and tart and along with a little lime juice, makes one heck of a delicious margarita. You need to try them right now. Or better yet, we can do this margarita cleanse together. We can do progress reports on how we are doing and how many we have had. All in the name of good health. What do you think?

I am going to be offline for a couple days but I promise to report back with some pics next week.  You can always follow along on Instagram.

Adios amigos!