Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Have you ever have a meal that you couldn't forget? Something you remember long, long after you have eaten it? I recently went to a brunch at my friend Lindsay's apartment and along with the help of her husband, she served the most amazing lemon ricotta pancakes. That was 2 weeks ago and I can't get them out of my head. They were amazing.  Plus, the best part was the homemade syrup. Yep, homemade syrup. Incredible.  So.... you have two choices, you can read on and find out the recipe (or my version at least) to these pancakes or you can visit Eat With, a global community of food lovers that invites you to dine in homes around the world..  Lindsay is a host with Eat With,  as well as my other friend Coreen (both from cooking school). Check them out if you are in the Bay Area or have any plans to visit, I promise they will be meals that you won't forget.

Eat With is part of the sharing community of start-ups that is sweeping the nation. Similar to Air BnB and Lyft, Eat With allows amazing cooks all over the world to open their homes to friends, travelers, and neighbors and serve them their version of the most delicious meal. Both Lindsay and Coreen will be hosts with Eat With in SF. We already know that you will get the most amazing pancakes if you check out Lindsay but Coreen is pretty badass herself. After cooking school she worked at one of the top butcher shop's in SF and helped teach cheese making classes - with that wealth of knowledge it is bound to be delicious right?!

Now, if you are not in the Bay Area, with no plans to travel here (which you should try to fix immediately) here is my version of those unforgettable pancakes. I know what you are thinking - they are just pancakes what is the big deal. Well for one there is delicious ricotta whisked in to make them extra fluffy and tender. Second, it is served with homemade syrup. Not maple syrup, rather a honey cardamom syrup that will make you forget maple syrup ever existed. Yes, ever existed.

Are you convinced? I hope so.

So the next time you are in the mood for making brunch or even breakfast for dinner (my personal favorite), please please do yourself favor and try these pancakes. I promise I wouldn't steer you wrong. Or if you are just feeling lazy (no judgement here), sign up for Eat With and get your food on with Lindsay and Coreen.