Strawberry Basil Gin Fizz

I started to get a complex about my love of whiskey,  mostly because it is a manly drink and it is also a hearty, smokey, dead of winter drink. I had been curious about trying other types of fancy cocktails but it is just so easy to order what you know and love - which is whiskey these days. But I recently discovered this amazing "bottle" shop here in Oakland called Alchemy Bottle Shop that is everything a liquor store should be - curated, well designed and best of all friendly and helpful. I thought this is the perfect place to explore.

First up gin -  and I am hooked. Consider me a gin drinker if I can always have gin in the form of a strawberry basil gin fizz. It is the perfect cocktail for summer. I was always a little scared of gin, not sure why but I think my older sister is to blame for this. When we were in our very early 20's she declared that she hates gin. She could not drink gin. Ever. Gross. Because little sisters do everything that older sisters do - I swore off gin (not that I drank it back then or much of anything back then except cheap gross beer). So for the past decade I have been terrified to try anything with gin it for fear that is would taste gross. But recently at work I had tested a homemade gin making kit  and I realized that all gin was - was vodka with botanicals infused in it. This made me wonder, maybe I would like gin, since gin is a form of vodka. So with the help of my friends at Alchemy Bottle Shop, they helped me find the most delicious gin out there. (One that was aged in whiskey barrels so it was the best of both gin and whiskey worlds.)  And I am hooked. Since I had some strawberries laying around and a fresh bunch of basil, I decided that a strawberry basil gin fizz would be the perfect summer spritzer. This strawberry basil gin fizz is one of those magical drinks. One that tastes like all things summer - light, refreshing and perfectly sweet. It is sneaky dangerous - like you could gulp down 4 of them without realizing there is booze in there because they are that good. Trust me from experience on that one. So the next time you are feeling adventurous and in need of an adult refresher, try this fancy cocktail. I promise it will make you love gin just as much as I do now.


Strawberry Basil Gin Fizz


  • 4 oz gin
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • handful of strawberries, sliced thin
  • handful of basil, torn into small pieces
  • Cold club soda
  • Ice cubes


In a cocktail shaker add gin, simple syrup, strawberries and basil. Muddle together with the back of a spoon until the strawberries begin to break up. Strain into a glass and top with cold club soda, ice and garnish with sliced strawberries.