How to Build a Cheese Board

I love a good cheese board. A perfect meal to me is a simple as a nice glass of wine and a bunch of different cheeses. A gorgeous cheeseboard is also a great centerpiece for entertaining because it allows guests to customize their own appetizer. People often ask me how to build a cheese board so I thought I will share my go to tips on how to build the perfect cheese board.

-An easy way to start building a cheese board is by starting with a goat, cow and sheep's cheese.

-I also like to vary texture by choosing a soft, hard and creamy cheese and if there are a lot of people sharing the cheeseboard, I will also serve a blue cheese.

-When shopping for the cheese, I estimate 1 - 2 oz of cheese per person.

-Don’t just put cheese on the board - add flavor and color by serving things like almonds, candied walnuts, honey, quince paste, slices of fresh fruit, cured meats and olives along with the cheese. I also like to serve with different crostini, crackers and sliced vegetables.

-Make sure to let the cheese sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving, this will allow the flavors of the cheese to shine through.