Week’s Eats

roast chicken and grapes.jpg

So many good recipes this week! Where do I even start? One of the highlights was the ravioli - that recipe is just so easy, tasty, and feels so sophisticated (I think it is because of that brown butter). I am also adding the Roast Chicken with Grapes and Acorn Squash to the permanent rotation. Something about that roast grape and chicken combo that makes it a total winner.

Since next week is Thanksgiving I am going to take the week off from documenting my Week’s Eats because lets be honest, I am just going to be eating Thanksgiving food all week long, but will be back chronicling it the following week.


Monday: Ravioli with Brown Butter and Green Peas

Tuesday: Miso Ginger Salmon

Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Thursday: Roast Chicken with Grapes and Acorn Squash

Sunday Prep

  • Ravioli

    • Make the brown butter. Cover and store in the fridge. When ready to eat it just rewarm the butter over low or in the microwave.

  • Miso Ginger Salmon

    • Make the marinade and store in the fridge

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup

    • Make the soup base and store in the fridge. Fry off the tortilla strips, if using, as well as roast off the chicken. Store the chicken in the fridge and the tortilla strips in an air tight container at room temperature.

  • Roast Chicken with Grapes and Acorn Squash

    • Diced up the leek and acorn squash