Preserved Lemons

preserved lemons.jpg

The key to preserved lemons is making sure that they are covered with the lemon salt liquid while they are curing. This will make sure they become preserved and do not spoil.

Preserved Lemons

lemons (about 9 depending on the size of your jar )

kosher salt

2 to 3 bay leaves

Wash 3 to 5 (depending on the size of your jar) lemons then almost cut each lemon into quarters stopping about 1/2” before cutting all the way through. Rub salt all over the cut surfaces of the lemon.

Fill the bottom of a jar with about 1” salt. Add 1 lemon then cover the lemon with salt. Using a wooden spoon, press the lemon squeezing out juice. Repeat with your remaining sliced lemons. Add the bay leaves.

Squeeze the remaining lemons and pour the juice over the lemons in salt. Cover the jar and shake a couple times adding more juice if necessary to cover the lemons. Place the preserved lemons in the fridge for 3 weeks, shaking every once and a while.

When ready to use, rinse off a piece of a lemon. Discard the pulp but keep the rind. Slice it and add it to salads, pasta, chicken or anything that needs an extra hit of salt and acid.

Preserved lemons will keep for up to a year.