Big Sky, Montana

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We spent the Labor Day Weekend this year in Big Sky, Montana. Luke's family has a house out there so we decided to take a couple days off and make a long weekend out of it. Plus we had some friends and my brother meeting us out there. It was a perfect weekend. Here are the highlights. During our first full day there, we went fly fishing. Well rather, I attempted and didn't catch anything. Everyone else in the group seemed to catch something. But I did manage to tangle the line so much that I am pretty sure the guide thought I was an idiot. Since it was our first time fly fishing, we used Gallatan River Guides to help us navigate the waters. Even though I didn't catch anything I still recommend them. Plus I think it was my serious lack of technique that was scaring off the fish. Regardless of zero fish caught, I did get to fish where they filmed the 90s movie at River Runs Through It. So basically I was in Brad Pitt's aura and that was better than catching a fish. Maybe. We  also went on a hike to the beautiful Ouzel Falls. The hike was not that strenuous but the falls were beautiful. And the light coming through the trees was perfection. We even took a trail ride. Here is Luke on what may be the largest horse ever. He looks like a real cowboy right? On our last day in Big Sky we hiked Bee Hive Basin, a hike that is apparently ranked one of the top 5 in the world. And for good reason. The hike is about 3 hours long and takes you to this amazing lake surrounded by beautiful mountains. Once you reach the summit of the hike, you feel like you are on top of the world. In addition to hiking, fly fishing and horseback riding, we did a lot of eating. I mean a lot. Earlier in the summer I made these amazing ribs from my local butcher, 4505 Meats. Afraid that Montana would not have those types of ribs, I decided that I should get the ribs in San Francisco and fly with them to Big Sky. Crazy yes, but I will go to any length for a good meal.  A tip for all future travellers that want to travel with meat ( I mean who doesn't?) apparently TSA lets you have frozen meat in your carry on. They didn't even look twice at my bag in security. Good to know for all future trips! Maybe I can bring that turducken home for Thanksgiving after all?

I loved spending time in the mountains in the summer. I actually think summertime might be better than the winter. There is so much more to do. And you are warm. That is the best part.

We are hoping to make it an annual tradition to spend Labor Day weekend in Big Sky. Until next time Big Sky, it was the perfect weekend to end an amazing summer.

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