Holiday Vacation in Florida


So it is officially time to get back to real life right? I am excited to jump headfirst into 2015.   These past two weeks felt like the never-ending holiday break where everyone was on vacation and it was totally fine to stay in bed for most of the day. I am not complaining. For the first time in a while (certainly the entire month of December) I feel completely rested. It is a bizarrely foreign and amazing feeling.  For part of the holiday break we went to my hometown in South Florida where we spent the week catching up with family and enjoying the warm weather, not to mention citrus fruit and key lime pie. Here are some pictures from our holiday vacation in Florida.

It sure takes a long time to section each piece of fruit, but citrus salad is pretty heavenly, especially when you toss in mint and honey. I could eat this every morning for breakfast.

Our Christmas morning family tradition - Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with orange glaze

Christmas dinner was topped off with one of my most favorite desserts, key lime pie with a pretzel crust. Here is the recipe. You should make it the next time you are in the mood for key lime pie. It is really easy and the pretzel crust adds a hole new layer of deliciousness.

My brother made moscow mules on Christmas day - the perfect way to toast the holidays. They are dangerously delicious however, one turns into two or three pretty quickly.

After Christmas the whole family took a day trip to Central Florida and spent the day among the most beautiful oak trees I have ever seen. The spanish moss hanging off those trees is pure magic.

We were visiting a remote part of Florida that is only accessible by boat.  The picture below shows you how off the beaten path we were. It was definitely a place you could get lost and forget about everything.

On our trip we got to visit the oldest oak tree in Florida. It is supposed to be over 450 years old. Absolutely stunning, right? That moss gets me every time.

While we were there we also made friends with these guys. Although they are a little ornery their beautiful stripes make up for it.

A few random shots from our last couple days in Florida, I attempted to run on the beach (failed), we caught a Dolphins game, saw the most beautiful sunset  (while I was pretending to run) and said goodbye to Florida with a perfect dinner overlooking the Jupiter Lighthouse.

I am always sad to leave Florida, especially because my adorable little niece and nephew are growing up so quickly,  but I will be back there in a couple months.

Now it is back to real life. I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions, but am hoping to eat a little better in the coming weeks so stay tuned for some healthy food posts, as well as spend a little more time polishing up this site. It is good to have goals, right? Have a great week.