New York Weekend

I feel like I have been a little absent from these parts recently. If you ever need to find me, head on over to Instagram to get the latest. The summer has been off to a great start so far but I can't believe it is already the end of June. Where did June go? Part of it was gobbled up by a whirlwind trip to New York. It was a quick 4 day trip filled with eating, drinking and some serious East Coast summer sunshine and heat. Here are highlights from the trip.

- Lots and lots of food was eaten, including a pilgrimage to Baby Cakes, Big Gay Ice Cream and Lady M Cakes (where my love of crepe cakes started)

- I checked out the new downtown Whitney (which was stunning I loved their Upper East Side Space, but I have to say the new downtown space is pretty great as well. It is definitely worth checking out) and had lunch at their cafe, Untitled which was gorgeous and delicious. (I had this kale and chicken two-way salad that might have been the best dish of the trip! It had rotisserie chicken AND fried chicken in it)


- I ate dinner at the much talked about Marta restaurant in the Martha Washington Hotel. All the food is cooked over an open flame or in a wood fire pizza oven. It was delicious.

- I caught a Broadway show, hit up the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went down to the 9/11 Memorial.

After a packed two days in the city, we hoped on a train to Long Island. The time spent out there was a little slower pace than the NYC pace but just as fun. I miss East Coast summers, especially since the San Francisco fog has been blanketing the Bay Area this summer, and being out there I definitely got my fill.

It was a whirlwind trip. I always love visiting NY, especially in the summer. I might go so far as to say that being there in the summer makes me want to move back. But then I think about the very cold winter and what I wimp I have become living in California and my mind is quickly changed. So bi-annual trips to NY are going to have to work.