Italian Holiday Part 3-Tuscany


I saved the best for last. After Rome and Florence and the madness of trying to see everything and eat everywhere, we slowed WAY down for Tuscany. Way down. We rented a car in Florence and drove south to the town of Chiusi in the southwest part of Tuscany. It might have been the most gorgeous car ride of my life. Everywhere you look there is an ancient town or vineyard or those stunning Italian Cypress trees that just scream Tuscan countryside. It was magnificent.

We stayed at Poggio Pulgia an 8-room bed and breakfast that was heavenly. I literally think it was heaven on earth. It had its own olive orchard and vineyard and made its own wine and olive oil. The restaurant was delicious - so delicious that we actually ate there both nights we were in Tuscany. It also had a stunning view over the Tuscan countryside that wasn't half bad either and after a bottle of their 8 euro amazing house wine, it was easy to find your way back to the room.

Their pasta was unreal. This cacio e pepe dish was simple and perfect. Just cheese and cracked black pepper is all I need in a pasta dish.

Sunrise over the Tuscan country side. Photo credit on this gorgeous picture goes to Luke, because I was certainly not awake for the sunrise (I was on vacation!)

We did venture out to have lunch at Podere Il Casale an organic farm that makes it own sheep's milk. The farm is in what seems like the middle of nowhere and requires back road driving to get there. I am not sure our rental car appreciated that, but it was a great way to see another side of the Tuscany, not just from the highway.

The farm's restaurant is perched high on a hill with stunning views.

The food was delicious - we had some of their house made cheese and charcuterie, as well as pasta. I even made friends with an Italian donkey.

We also explored the medieval town of Montepulciano and tasted some of their delicious red wine, and had lunch another day in Pienza at a delicious pizza spot named Pummaro.

I can't believe that our Italian vacation has come and gone. Italy is truly a magical place that I can't wait to go back to. Next time I want to head to Positano and see all those gorgeous colors overlooking the sea. Paris has always been my first love as a foreign city but a couple of people have asked me Rome vs. Paris what would you do? I think Paris is more of a livable city, but the people in Rome and in all of Italy are what makes that country so special. They are warm and inviting - I think I would be the same if I got to wake up and look out at the Italian countryside everyday.


I love traveling but the problem with traveling is that you realize there is so much more to see. Until I can get there, I will continue to wanderlust and dream of my next vacation.(I am thinking Morocco, anyone want to go?)