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Chili Con Carne

I had some serious aspirations of serving this chili with a big ol’ slab of buttery cornbread. But that didn’t happen because although I would love to, I just don’t really have time to bake on weeknights. Honestly I am not even sure why I thought I would have time. But…instead I topped this deliciously comforting bowl of chili with a handful of corn chips and it was the best thing ever. I used the corn chips from Whole Foods because for some reason I think those are healthier but Fritos would totally work too. (For the record I love love Fritos - maybe just a little too much)

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Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

I am pretty sure this is my dream bowl of food. Rich coconut milk filled chicken broth with bright flavors like lime juice and cilantro, I could honestly eat this every single night. It is basically a Thai inspired version of chicken soup that comes together really quickly. It will also freeze really well just don’t include the rice noodles when you freeze it. When refrigerated or frozen it may separate but just give it a good shake or stir and it will come back to gather.

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One Pan Chicken with Apples and Kale

As I write down these Week’s Eats you are definitely going to see a version of this roast chicken thighs make their appearance all the time. They are just so easy, healthy, and require minimal clean up. This week I roasted the chicken thighs with apples, onions, kale, and breadcrumbs but you could also throw in some artichokes or just use lemons. Consider the chicken thighs as a base and then add in whatever else you want.

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