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Chocolate Fondue

As I was brainstorming Valentine's Day recipes I was trying to think of the most Valentines/romantic recipes I could think of and in addition to the perfect chocolate souffle, chocolate fondue comes in a very close second! I think it was because we grew up going to the Melting Pot for celebrations but to me a huge chocolate fondue spread just screams Valentines Days. Do you know what else I love about it? Is it super easy to throw together. 

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Meyer Lemon Bars

I can't seem to get enough of citrus these days. I was always a citrus lover growing up but it intensified a millions times when I got pregnant. All I want to do is eat citrus and drink orange juice. And don't get me started on lemon desserts, I can't pass up any dessert with lemon in it, especially these Meyer Lemon Bars. 

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Spinach and Artichoke Dip

To me, Thanksgiving is all about easy comfort food. Especially if I am hosting, I don’t want to be worrying about anything last minute. The name of the game is to totally enjoy myself and hopefully not stress.

I love to make food that is tasty but also can be made ahead. That goes for appetizers too - no reason to be making any dishes that require last minute attention. Enter my spinach and artichoke dip. I took the traditional spinach and artichoke dip and lightened it, by adding more spinach and artichokes, and the result is one of the tastiest dips ever.  Also make sure to serve this with toasted crunchy baguette slices.

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Zucchini Ribbon Salad

I do a weekly "fridge foraging" series on my Instagram where I cook from whatever I have leftover/can find in my fridge. I made this salad last week and cant' stop eating it! It is fresh, seasonal and has the perfect combinations of crunchy and creamy textures. 

This isn't a strict recipe but rather a guideline. Feel free to swap out the feta for Parmesan cheese and use any type of nut, I just love hazelnuts. Also since grilling season is upon us and summer is just about here, this is the perfect easy salad to go with your next BBQ. 

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Coconut Carrot Cake

The rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining. It had been raining for days and days on end. So much rain it is hard to remember when it started. It just always seemed like it is going to rain. I am not complaining because goodness, the whole state of California was about to shrivel up before it started but I am excited that it is over... for now at least.  With all this rain comes the good stuff like all of the flowers in boom and everywhere you look seems to blanketed in bright flourescent green. It is a sign of spring and what's to come. This time of year is always so special in Oakland because I am reminded of everything that grows in this area - there are citrus trees, jasmine, magnolias, roses - the list could go on. I have become a horticulture dork in my old age and love walking the streets staring at everyone else's front yards, especially since ours is pretty busted.

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Lemon Crepe Cake

When I lived in NYC (in what seems like a lifetime ago) I worked at the @MetMuseum. It was a pretty dreamy job if you liked art and history. On days when I wanted to venture out for lunch I would walk over to this little bakery on 78th and Madison where I would just have cake for lunch. I was 25 and running marathons at the time so this was totally acceptable in my mind. It wasn’t just any old cake, it was a slice of crepe cake from Lady M Confections.

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Lemon Meringue Pie

Let's talk about how I have become this crazy pie lady! I don't know where it came from. Actually scratch that, I blame my family. We never had cakes growing up - we always had pie. Fast forward to my cooking career and my love of pie has basically taken off. I wrote a cookbook on pie when I was in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen and have loved, loved creating videos out of pie. It is universal, everyone loves a good 'ol pie

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Blueberry Lemon Bars

It is crazy how sunshine affects my motivation. There is a reason this south florida raised girl has landed in California! I crave sunshine. It was raining non-stop for the past three months in LA (which is great for the drought, but bad for my motivation). When it rains all I want to do is curl up on the couch with the dog and read a book. But when it is sunny, I feel like I could rule the world. So to the sun is finally out and I am ready to celebrate. Blueberry lemon bars seem like a good thing to celebrate with right? 

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Romesco Sauce

A friend of mine recently asked me to bring over an appetizer to a dinner party she was throwing. After giving it some thought I decided to try and go healthy. Often times appetizers are heavy and not necessarily healthy - or at least the ones I am used to serve. I love a cheese board but who doesn't totally pig out on a cheese board to the point where they are no longer hungry? (Am I the only one?) I decided to go with a crudite platter  (because crudite is the next cheese board? Maybe I have been living in LA too long)  along with the most delicious dip out there, romesco. 

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