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Morning Buns

I am trying to get back into running. When I lived in NY I loved running - I did a full and half one year.  But when I moved to SF 9 years ago, the hills were a total deterrent. The thought of running straight up a hill forced me to take an early retirement.   I am trying to get back into it since Oakland is a little flatter but still running a fickle little friend. Some days it feels amazing like you go could on for miles and miles. Other times it hurts every part of your body, scratch that, your soul to finish a 2 mile run.

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Dutch Baby

I love entertaining; having people over to my house to eat is one of my favorite pastimes. I think that is why I became a cook, because I love feeding people. Over the years I have figured out tips and tricks to make it easier on me and more delicious for my guests. One of the best tips is to have people over for brunch rather than dinner. Brunch is always a little more laid back and relaxed and I love serving recipes that can be done the day before. Enter the Dutch baby.

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Acai Bowl

Breakfast is one of those things that’s really good for you but no one seems to have time for it. Or at least I don’t. For a while my breakfast was two cups of coffee and nothing else. I quickly learned that by 11 am I was so hungry that I would eat anything that was in sight. Hangry doesn’t even begin to describe it. Also, it is not the best tactic if you are ever trying to watch what you eat.

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