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Coconut Quinoa Bowl with Tahini Lime Dressing

My full on transformation into hippie life has begun - and I am proud of it. I have always been on the fence but I think as I get older the more I am embracing it. I don’t know if it is a product of Northern California or if I have always been attracted to a more “natural" way of life, but I am totally waving that flag now. Don’t get me wrong I am still addicted to my iPhone, I may have had just cheese and salumi for dinner last night and I have a tree in my living room that I put Miracle Grow on because it is dying,but I like to think it is all about balance and pachouli. (Yes I love the smell of pachouli - that is hippie 101 right?) I have gone pretty much natural on cleaning products, make-up, deodorant and most importantly food  There is such a connection between how something is grown and raised to the status of our health. If I were to quit my job today one of the paths that I would probably want to go down is food policy in this country. Sounds sexy right? I take for granted how lucky I am in to live in Northern California and have access to some of the best local, sustainable raised food out there. I used to get horrible migraines that all of a sudden stopped when I started eating better food.

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