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S'mores Cupcakes

I have to admit, I don't really like camping. I am sorry, I know, I know but it is not really my jam. I can go glamping, but camping without running water, electricity or bathrooms isn't really how I like to spend my time off. We did go fake camping last summer and it was amazing but there were fire pits, bathrooms and I brought a well stocked cooler that included watermelon margaritas and artisanal hot dogs. Is that even considered camping?  But you know what i do love about camping - s'mores. Ooey goey s'mores. Nothing beats those suckers. But since I am not going to find myself camping anytime soon or in front of a fire pit, I decided I need to be able to get that taste and those flavors all year-long.  What is the perfect vehicle for these? Cupcakes. So the next time you want all those delicious camping flavors but can't bring yourself to go camping make these s'mores cupcakes and it will be just like the real thing.

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