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Blood Orange Gin and Tonic

After a particularly crazy holiday season filled with lots of food and LOTS of booze, I decided to try to out dry January (basically no drinking all of January).  For the most part it was really easy (thanks to the flu) but it becomes crazy apparent, for me at least, how often I drink. Wine is my total drink of choice but when you don't have it, especially when you are out to dinner, it becomes obvious how often you are drinking! So I am not giving up booze completely but I am glad I did this "mostly" dry January because hopefully it will make me more cognizant of how many glasses of wine I am sipping. 

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Frenchie Cocktail

I am holding onto summer as long as I can. It feels like it just began and now it is almost over. But it is not over, till it's over and I am not letting go. We had our first real warm summer in a long time since moving to Oakland from SF and I am loving it. The weather doesn't change too much here in the fall, but it is those long warm summer days that I am going to miss. Do you know what else happens on long warm summer days? Long delicious summer cocktails on our deck, like this Frenchie cocktail which is oh so delicious.

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