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Korean Chicken Tacos

Can I tell you something? Something that is pretty shocking especially in my line of work- I hate (well hate is a strong word)  but deeply dislike holiday food.  I know right!? How can that be? There are a couple of reasons. First, when you work in a test kitchen and have to develop recipes for Thanksgiving in the middle of July, the allure of holiday food kind of loses its appeal. Turkey and stuffing in July is just kind of weird. It also doesn't help that I never really know what time of year it is because I work about 6 months ahead when developing recipes - Christmas in August, Valentine's Day in October - it is kind of confusing when the real holiday finally comes around. Plus most of the time that holiday food just doesn't taste good. There I said it. Bam! But you know what always tastes good - tacos. If I could have a taco for every meal, I would and I would be completely happy.

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