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One-Pan Wild Mushroom Lasagna

Have you ever thought about the first person that dared eat an oyster? Or what about that first person who tried a mushroom and prayed that it wasn’t poisonous? I am not sure why but I think a lot about these people. Probably because I spend a lot of time prepping food and thoughts like these just pop into my head. Like why do we eat arugula but eating dandelion greens (until recently) has been avoided? Or who thought that if you blanch stinging nettles, which literally sting you when you pick them, they would be the most delicious pizza topping? This burning question is especially relevant when it comes to artichokes. Have you ever seen an artichoke plant? They are scary pre-historic bushes and if the artichoke is not picked in time it turns into this crazy gorgeous purple blossom that looks like it could eat you ( a la the man-eating plant in Little Shops of Horrors). Also the plant is so tough that people literally can make furniture out if it. So who in the world was the crazy person to dig deep inside that prickly center and figure out there was deliciousness in there? How did they know if you steam the center and then douse it with butter and serve with a lemon aioli that tastiness awaits? Who? Who? I need to know!

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