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Romesco Sauce

A friend of mine recently asked me to bring over an appetizer to a dinner party she was throwing. After giving it some thought I decided to try and go healthy. Often times appetizers are heavy and not necessarily healthy - or at least the ones I am used to serve. I love a cheese board but who doesn't totally pig out on a cheese board to the point where they are no longer hungry? (Am I the only one?) I decided to go with a crudite platter  (because crudite is the next cheese board? Maybe I have been living in LA too long)  along with the most delicious dip out there, romesco. 

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How to Make Chimichurri Sauce

There is a jar of this chimichurri sauce in my fridge at all times. It add tons of flavor to steak, chicken, seafood and even bigs bowls of veggies and rice. I know that adding mint into a chimichurri is a little unconventional but if mint is not your thing, just replace it with more parsley. Also my secret ingredient is a little bit of honey -that sweetness balances the acidity and makes it perfect.

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