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Ramen with Garlic Togarashi

Japan is high on my lists of places to travel. Between the food, the culture and their love of gorgeous paper products, I might be in heaven. But in all honestly, I want to travel there for the food. The Japanese take their food very seriously. And what better way to experience a culture than through its food culture. There is so much more to Japanese food than sushi – there is yakatori, shabu shabu, traditional soba noodles and of course ramen. We have a well know ramen restaurant in Oakland called Ramen Shop. There here is always a line so I decided to come up with my own ramen recipe. Since ramen is traditionally egg noodles in some sort of delicious salty broth, I thought I would create my own ramen so I can eat it whenever I want and dream of my future trip to Japan.

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Curried Ginger Carrot Soup

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2016!? We just got back from vacation. I love vacations but I can’t stay in vacation mode too long. By the middle of a vacation, I crave routine and normalcy.  I love exploring new places but need to balance that with real life. For the holidays we drove to Big Sky Montana. The drive from Oakland to Big Sky is about 15 hours, give or take. We drove this year so we could bring the dog. So much of our life revolves around that silly dog. But he is worth it - most of the time.

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