Here's to 2016

Since 2015 has almost come to a close and 2016 is upon us, I thought it was time for some reflections and intentions. 2015 was quite a year. There were trips to NY, Chicago, Florida, the Bahamas, Italy and Big Sky, Montana. There were dinner parties for 35 people, quiet weekends spent on the couch and days spent with family and friends. I finished renovating my kitchen and fell even more in love with my newfound home of Oakland. Looking back we are really lucky. Really lucky.

Looking ahead I am excited about what comes next. There are some unknowns playing their cards right now and I am always excited at the possibly of change. I love change - maybe to a fault.

I don’t like resolutions - that impies that there is something wrong with you. Plus I can’t sick with resolutions. Instead I have some intentions -  so here goes.

I want to do more yoga, maybe eat less sugar and drink less coffee but most of all I want to  spend some more time in this space. I want to get the blog back to being a creative outlet for me and posting at least once a week (give or take). I love this space but sometimes struggle with it. I don’t consider myself a blogger and maybe that is the problem.  I want this space to be about me and my love of food, travel and photography. One of the great things that happened in 2015 was the connection I made with photography and food. I always loved photography but somewhere along the way I lost it or the ability to think I could do it in a capacity that people would enjoy.

But through food (and the silly amazing-ness of Instagram ) I have rediscovered my love of photography and hope to explore that even more in 2016 and on the blog. I am hoping to start a new kind of posting series that combines my love of food, drink and maybe a little travel  so stay tuned.

Also there are going to be some other changes coming to the blog soon. All good things but this site needs a facelift. I think one of the reasons that I haven’t been posting as much is that the aesthetic bugs me. It is too busy and fussy so I am hoping to streamline that a bit.  I started this blog three years ago with the goal of just getting something started rather than thinking it through for aesthetic/SEO etc. Nothing too drastic but more of a reflection on my design and aesthetic.

So here is to the new year may it be even better than 2015 and filled with good food, pretty pictures, great friends and cherished family time. Thanks for following along. xo