Palms Springs


I just got back from an amazing weekend in Palm Springs. Every time I visit that desert town, the more I love it. For the record I have only gone in February when the weather is perfect and July might feel like walking on the face of the sun, but I grew up in Florida, I can handle a little heat. Maybe. As long as there is air conditioning. It was a weekend filled with good food, strong cocktails, interesting conversations and great girlfriends. Here are the details:

We stayed at the Parker Hotel and it is now officially one of my favorite hotels. Decorated by Jonathan Adler it is a total time machine to everything I love about Palm Springs - mid-century modern architecture combined with old school hollywood glamour.


I mean look at this fireplace and that wall of macrame owls!


The grounds are gorgeous and lush and makes you feel like you are truly on vacation.


Travel and food are so closely related in my book and this trip did not disappoint. We ate at Workshop which was pretty good but the modern industrial design of that restaurant was the winner. Chi Chi at the Avalon Hotel had the most delicious chicken that was fried in coconut oil. (I am not sure that makes it healthier but tasty nonetheless). We perfected the art of brunching at Norma’s at the Parker and King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel.


Hands down my favorite eating done all weekend was at King's Highway. It is a renovated Denny's that makes you feel like you are in the 70's. For some reason I spent a lot of time at Denny's growing up so I felt right at home.



The ricotta pancakes at King's Highway are the best pancakes I think I have ever had.

We also grabbed milkshakes from Great Shakes on the main street in Palm Springs. Apparently their best seller is Oreo with salted caramel - it did not disappoint.


I would love to say that we just laid around all weekend and drank cocktails but we didn't - there was too much to see. Since Palm Springs is in the desert there is obviously a cactus museum, right? So when in Rome, so to speak, you check out the cactus. And it was really amazing. Highly recommend. For 5$ you take yourself on a self-guided tour of all the cacti you could ever dream of and more. The museum has been opened since 1938 and is filled with history.


But the highlight of the trip for me was exploring the neighborhood of Indian Canyon. We rode bikes through this gorgeous residential neighborhood that we rented through the Parker and is was pretty darn dreamy. It was filled with the most gorgeous mid-century modern homes. I have a real soft spot for that design period and I was in heaven. I mean come on, how could you not!


This was my favorite house. That orange door and those mountains in the back  - swoon. Also Bob Hope's house is for sale (yes I have already looked at houses for sale there, that is how in love I am) for a cool $24 million. You know if you are in the market for a vacation property....

Palm Springs
Palm Springs

Till next time Palm Springs. I kind of love you and can't wait to go back

Palm Springs
Palm Springs