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Homemade Pizza Dough

The title of this recipe should be Pizza: The World’s Most Perfect Food.  Or maybe Pizza: A Love Story. Because it kind of is right? I am always down for pizza (and maybe tacos but we are focusing on the pizza right now!)  

I got a request for my favorite pizza dough and here is it. I am also showing you my favorite way to cook pizza at home - in a cast iron skillet! That is until I get my own wood fired pizza oven, but sadly that seems to be a long way off. 

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Springtime Vegetable Pizza

You guys, I had one of the coolest afternoons yesterday. Don't judge me because I am a total dork but I had a meeting at one of the cookbook publishing mecca's -Ten Speed Press. I know this is so unexciting to you but really exciting to me - I am a huge fan (borderline hoarder) of cookbooks and in all the land, Ten Speed produces some of my favorites. The halls were lined with gorgeous pictures of food and the best part was I got to go into their library where I was literally surrounded wall to wall with every cookbook I could dream of.  I died. Honest to goodness heaven for a cookbook hoarder. I could just move in and be surrounded by cookbooks and live happily ever after. One of these days I am going to do a cookbook round-up but until then here are some cookbooks I am drooling over: Camino (local Oakland restaurant) Hartwood (makes me want to hope on a plane and fly to Tulum immediately) and Sweeter off the Vine (because who doesn't love a cookbook based solely on baking with fruit)

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